Sunday, July 16, 2017

Planning for the Trip in February 2018

Going back!! and hopefully taking 15 folks with me. Operation iDream, out of Sacramento, is moving forward like Buster's Gang!! From having obtained land from the tribal chief in January this year to planting a righteous garden (farm) to actually constructing the first school building and starting another community school.... Pastor Sam Sikapizye, Charlie's son-in-law is letting no grass grow under his feet! He has been in this country long enough that he has no patience for the idea of waiting for somebody else to do it. He's a man of action and I admire that.

You can check out the progress of Operation iDream on FaceBook here:

It's inspirational.

Back to Hope Village, though, the need there continues to be great and there needs to be a roof over the Community Center building before the good weather goes away. That needs $$$$$$$$$. Fifteen Thousand of those. That will do away with meetings in the mud inside the four walls with the tatty tarp roof that leaks when it rains.

The big question in my mind is "how do we raise $15,000?" Is there someone out there that would do that out of the goodness of their heart? Do we do bake sale? Go door-to-door? Do a fundraiser? What kind of fundraiser would raise $15,000?  I'm open to suggestions. 

Help me out here, folks?

More as things progress.

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