Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Morning

Moving church service yesterday. Said goodbyes and headed off to Lusaka on the same road we used to get to Ndola. At the resk of being redundant, driving on the roads here is a challenge. You go like crazy and come to speed humps in the highway! And then there are the Traffic Police checkpoints -- four of them between Ndola and Lusaka. I'm told they're looking for people operating scab taxis, although they did ask Charlie for his driver's license at one of the checkpoints.

We stopped at this roadside market called John. Probably 300 yards or more along the road of women hawking vegetables -- tomatoes, butternut squash, green beans, okra, small white eggplants, regular purple eggplant, red onions, several different greens, among them okra greens.

We drove through isolated rain that varied from a light drizzle to a torrrential downpour. The disconcerting thing was that the sun was shining brightly as we drove in the rain.

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